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Whether you're hungry or hurt, lonely or lost, full of questions or
looking for a home, there's a place for you at St. Pauls Orthodox Church Powai.

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Let everything that has breath


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    From The Vicar's Desk

    The Old Testament story of Noah is given in chapters 6 to 8 of Genesis. The reference of Noah is given in the roll call of the faithful to explain the redeeming faith. Faith is not only the assurance of unseen realities (11:1) and the belief that God exists and rewards those who seek him (11:6). It is also the badge that marks people out as members already of God’s true people. Faith enables people to stand in righteousness in the age of wickedness. Noah could uphold this faith which enabled him to be the redeeming instrument in the salvation history. 1. Noah took God at his word. He believed the message which God sent to him. So he engaged in preparation for what God has said would come true. The choice comes to every person either to listen or to disregard the message of God. He may live as if that message is of no importance or as if it is the most important thing in the world. As Noah heeded he was saved from disaster and he could serve as an agent of God’s redemption. To neglect the Word of God, wherever it comes from is at the peril of the receiver. The identity of the Christian believer is expressed by our commitment to the word of God. In an age when immorality and human atrocities were reigning over the earth, Noah had the sensitivity to discern the Word of God. He was not carried away by the currents of the age but was deeply based on the rock of faith facilitated by the Word of God. 2. Noah was not deterred by the mockery of others. Living far away from the sea coast, people were not used to rains and floods, the ark building project of Noah might have been ridiculed by ordinary people. When the sun was shining his conduct might have looked like that of a fool. The project which was explained to Noah and in turn which was told to the people around him looked like foolery. But Genesis repeatedly said that whatever was instructed to Noah, he did as per the instruction (6:22; 7:5) The wisdom of God is so often foolishness to men. The challenge of Christianity is that believers need to be prepared to be sometimes fools for the sake of Jesus because the culture and the accepted maxim might be produced by the anti God tendencies. The mark of Christian faith is this preparedness. 3. Noah’s faith turned to be judgement on others. The different lifestyle followed by the righteous Noah was not convincing for the general public. The people were too insensitive to God’s counsels and righteous Godly people. They rejected the lime light of Godly presence through Noah. It is to be noted that Noah was the first person in the Bible to be called righteous. His goodness consisted in the fact that he took God at his word. When other persons were deaf to God’s warnings, Noah listened to them. When others scorned God, Noah revered God. Noah was the witness to all people that God’s words and presence could be taken seriously. In an age of Godlessness, Noah took God as the supreme reality and thus became the badge bearer of a different lifestyle, which became instrumental for redemption in the midst of a deluge. POINT TO PONDER: Can our faith be the badge bearing faith which brings redemption to the corrupt world? PRAYER: Pray for witnesses of Christ who labor in adverse cultural situations
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    Audio clip of RETREAT 2017 - March 10

    St. Paul’s Orthodox Church

    St. Paul’s Orthodox Church, is a Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christian Church, in Powai, Mumbai, India. The Church runs a Charitable Dispensary from its premises –St. Paul’s Charitable & Educational Trust, Powai, for the benefit of the local community.

    •  Regular worship times
      • Evening prayer : Wednesdays, Thursdays &Saturdays – 7:30PM
      • Holy Qurbana : Sundays– 8:15AM
    •   Address : Church Road, Near Ray Construction Compound, off A. S. Marg/JVLR, opp IITPowai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400076
    •  Google Map link; Google Business View link
    •   There are regular Church services every Sunday, evening prayers every Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday, and all feasts and traditions are followed as per the church calendar for the benefit of the local community. Services are generally in Malayalam (prayer & song books transliterated into English, referred to colloquially as ‘Manglish’ are available), and English & Hindi services, alternatively, are conducted on the 5th Sunday in months that have a 5th Sunday. All church services, Qurbana, Confession, Marriage, Baptism, etc are conductedfor members & families, with prior intimation to/permission from the Secretary & the Parish priest, where needed.
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